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Indonesia / S.Africa Oppose UNSC Sanctions... 29/02/2008 History
(FNA) - Permanent Representative of Indonesia Marty M. Natalegawa has expressed fundamental reservations about the new UN resolutions on Iran. Addr...View Details»

Oil And Petrochemicals Exchange Established... 17/02/2008 History
(Wikipedia) - The Iranian Government established the Oil And Petrochemicals Exchange under directives from the IME Company. The first phase was launch...View Details»

Iran, Cuba Sign Cooperation Agreement... 15/02/2008 History
(FNA)- On Thursday, Feb, 15, 2008, Representatives of Cuba and the Islamic Republic of Iran signed their first agreement of scientific cooperation to ...View Details»

Iran Enters International Space Race... 04/02/2008 History
Iran officially announced her entrance into space race by launching her first space research center and firing the Safir rocket designed to send her f...View Details»

Rationing Lowers Fuel Imports... 03/02/2008 History
(FNA) - Iran's daily gasoline imports have fallen about 57 percent since the country introduced fuel rationing last June, a senior oil official was qu...View Details»

Obama Wants Direct Talks With Iran... 02/02/2008 History
(FNA) - US Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama said he would favor holding direct talks with Iran and Syria in a bid to stabilize the Middl...View Details»