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British Navy Violates Iranian Territory... 21/06/2004 History
(Wikipedia) – The 2004 Iranian seizure of British Navy personnel took place in the Arvand Rood (Shatt Al Arab) waterway on 21 June. Six British Marine...View Details»

Tehran Monorail Project Started... 17/03/2004 History
(Wikipedia) - Despite overwhelming criticism of the project, a project to build the first phase of Tehran Monorail officially began on March 17, 2004....View Details»

Seventh Parliament Elections... 20/02/2004 History
The seventh parliament elections took place in an atmosphere of mistrust caused by many reformist candidates' disqualification from entering the elect...View Details»

Russia Trains 600 Iranian Nuclear Experts... 18/02/2004 History
(AFP) Russia has trained 600 Iranian experts to work on the Islamic Republic's first nuclear power station, which Washington fears is being used to de...View Details»

320 Killed In Train Blast... 18/02/2004 History
A 51-car train rolled out of a switchyard and eventually reached a speed of more than 140 km/hr before it derailed, caught fire and exploded, killing ...View Details»

Iranian Plane Crashes In Emirates, Kills 43... 10/02/2004 History
An Iranian plane crashed Tuesday as it approached Sharjah airport in the United Arab Emirates, killing 43 people aboard. The Kish Air Fokker-50, flyin...View Details»

Tehran Has A New International Airport... 01/02/2004 History
The new Imam Khomeini International Airport was originally scheduled to be inaugurated in Ahmadabad, 40 km south of Tehran on Feb, 1, 2004. In 1966 ...View Details»

Oil Drills In National Parks... 02/01/2004 History
(Wikipedia) - On Jan, 2, 2004, natural gas and oil resources were discovered near the city of Aran va Bidgol. After three years of scientific study an...View Details»