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U.S. Attacks Iranian Oil Platforms... 19/10/1987 History
On Oct, 19, 1987, the U.S. navy attacked 3 Iranian oil platforms in Persian Gulf. In a statement made by the U.S. President Ronald Reagan, the move wa...View Details»

U.S. Attacks Iranian Ship... 21/09/1987 History
In a clear move to protect Saddam's regime from losing the war, U.S. navy staged some attacks on Iranian oil platforms and ships in the Persian Gulf. ...View Details»

Martyrdom of Abbas Babaei Iranian pilot Brigadier General Islamic Repu... 06/08/1987 History
General Abbas Babaei was killed on July 4, 1987, while in the rear seat of a F-5B while over Iraqi air space. He was hit by a 23mm round. The pilot, M...View Details»

Massacre Of Iranian Hajj Pilgrims... 31/07/1987 History
Many years after an Incident in the holy city of Mecca that led to decapitation of an Iranian pilgrim in 1944, tensions rose again in 1981 when a grou...View Details»

Sardasht, Chemical Hiroshima... 28/06/1987 History
Sardasht should be registered in human history just like Hiroshima as a city who became victim of weapons of mass destruction. Sardasht was the first ...View Details»

Nasr 2. Operation Started... 03/06/1987 History
The Nasr 2 operation was conducted by the Iranian army ground troops. This military operation during the Iran–Iraq War aimed to take control of height...View Details»

Islamic Republic Party Dissolved... 02/06/1987 History
Nine years after its formation, the Islamic Republic Party of Iran was dissolved. Founded by clerics close to Khomeini, including Bahonar, Khamenei, R...View Details»

Iraq Bombs Iran Schools... 10/01/1987 History
On the seventh year of the Iran–Iraq War, in the winter of 1987, after the successful Karbala 5 Operation by Iranian armed forces, the Iraqi army star...View Details»