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IRIAF C-130 Plane crashed near Kahrizak ... 29/09/1981 Military
September 29, 1981 : C-130H 5-8552 c/n 4594 of the Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force (IRIAF) crashed near Kahrisak, 20 kilometers south of Tehran, ki...View Details»

Iranian Armed Forces Break Siege of Abadan ... 27/09/1981 History
Operation Samen-ol-A'emeh (Operation Eight Imam) was an offensive of the Iran-Iraq war between 27 September-29 September 1981 where Iran broke the Ira...View Details»

Interim Government Formed... 02/09/1981 History
The interim government of the Islamic Republic of Iran (September 2, 1981 – October 29, 1981) was established after the assassination of Mohammad Ali ...View Details»