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Open war as Iraq bombs Iran: 23 September 1980 | World news | The Gua... 23/09/1980 Military
23 September 1980: Open war as Iraq bombs Iran Warning over West’s oil supply line as Iraqi and Iranian jets target airfields and refineries in escala...View Details»

Iran Strikes Iraq Back... 23/09/1980 History
Iraq staged a surprise attack on Iran Air Force bases on Sep, 22, 1980. Their plan was to destroy Iranian Air Force power, a tactic Israel used in 196...View Details»

Start of The Battle of Khorramshahr: Iranian Resistance ... 22/09/1980 History
The Battle of Khorramshahr was a major engagement between Iraq and Iran in the Iran-Iraq War. The battle took place from September 22 to November 10, ...View Details»

Iraq Invades Iran... 22/09/1980 History
In the midst of a hostage crisis with the United States and covert efforts to overthrow the new revolutionary regime, Iraq invades Iran thus commencin...View Details»

Saddam Nullifies Algiers treaty... 17/09/1980 History
On a signal from the western and Arab countries that wanted to stop expansion of revolutionary ideas from Iran, the Iraqi dictator finds necessary sup...View Details»