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Iranian Embassy Siege in London ... 30/04/1980 History
The Iranian Embassy siege took place from 30 April to 5 May 1980, after a group of six armed men, led by Oan Ali Mohammed, stormed the Iranian embassy...View Details»

Terror Attack On Iranian London Embassy... 30/04/1980 History
The siege of Iranian London Embassy took place on April, 30 1980 at approximately 11:30 after a group of six heavily armed men stormed the embassy bui...View Details»

Iran rescue mission ends in debacle ... 24/04/1980 History
*** President Jimmy Carter is shown on a video screen as he addresses the nation on the failed attempt to rescue the American hostages in Iran. | AP P...View Details»

U.S. Special Forces Fail In Tabas... 24/04/1980 History
The operation Eagle was a rescue mission inside Iran given to U.S. special forces. Nearly 6 months after a group calling themselves "Students in Imam'...View Details»

Jimmy Carter Announcing Ban on Iranian Immigration ... 17/04/1980 History
ABC News Digs Up Video of Jimmy Carter Announcing Ban on Iranian Immigration - The Rush Limbaugh Show December 11, 2015 RUSH: Grab sound bite number ...View Details»