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Banisadr Becomes President... 25/01/1980 History
Monarchy was abolished in Iran by a referendum on April, 4, 1979. According to results of the first presidential election, Abolhasan Banisadr was el...View Details»

NFL Film Details Exchange Of Super Bowl Tapes With Iranian Hostages | ... 21/01/1980 History
By: Jeffrey Eisenband 10h Alex Paen showed up at the U.S. Embassy gates in Tehran on the morning of Jan. 21, 1980. The Iranian guards, who called him,...View Details»

Iran Air Boeing 727 Crash... 21/01/1980 History
(Wikipedia) - On January 21, 1980, an Iran Air Boeing 727-86 was making a domestic flight from Mashhad Airport to Tehran Mehrabad Airport in Iran. At ...View Details»

U.S. Files Complaint Against Iran... 04/01/1980 History
The United Nations received a complaint submitted by the United States. Iranians' demand for extradition of the deposed Shah and seizure of the US emb...View Details»