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Iraqi Navy Paralyzed... 28/11/1980 History
Two months after Iraq invaded Iran, the Iranian Navy and Iranian Air Force launched Operation Morvarid against the Iraqi Navy and Air Force on Nov, 28...View Details»

Iraq Begins Siege of Abadan ... 06/11/1980 History
On November 3, Iraqi forces reached Abadan in Iran's Khuzestan province. Iranian resistance proved too strong, however, so Iraqi commanders called for...View Details»

Fahmideh; Iconic Martyr of Khorramshahr... 30/10/1980 History
Hossein Fahmideh is an icon of Iranian patriotism who became martyr at the age of 13. In the besieged city of Khorramshahr, Hossein Fahmideh fought s...View Details»

Iranian Becomes Best F-5 Fighter Pilot Ever... 17/10/1980 History
(Wikipedia) - Major Yadollah Javadpour was a fighter pilot in the Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force (IRIAF), serving for the full duration of the Ira...View Details»

Open war as Iraq bombs Iran: 23 September 1980 | World news | The Gua... 23/09/1980 Military
23 September 1980: Open war as Iraq bombs Iran Warning over West’s oil supply line as Iraqi and Iranian jets target airfields and refineries in escala...View Details»

Iran Strikes Iraq Back... 23/09/1980 History
Iraq staged a surprise attack on Iran Air Force bases on Sep, 22, 1980. Their plan was to destroy Iranian Air Force power, a tactic Israel used in 196...View Details»

Start of The Battle of Khorramshahr: Iranian Resistance ... 22/09/1980 History
The Battle of Khorramshahr was a major engagement between Iraq and Iran in the Iran-Iraq War. The battle took place from September 22 to November 10, ...View Details»

Iraq Invades Iran... 22/09/1980 History
In the midst of a hostage crisis with the United States and covert efforts to overthrow the new revolutionary regime, Iraq invades Iran thus commencin...View Details»

Saddam Nullifies Algiers treaty... 17/09/1980 History
On a signal from the western and Arab countries that wanted to stop expansion of revolutionary ideas from Iran, the Iraqi dictator finds necessary sup...View Details»

Foundation of University Jihad ... 07/08/1980 History
Jahad-e Daneshgahi (University Jihad) was founded on Aug, 7, 1980 as part of the Cultural Revolution Movement following the 1979 Iranian Revolution. T...View Details»