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US Reacts To Hostage Crisis... 13/11/1979 History
The United States freezes Iranian assets in the US based on the decision by President Jimmy Carter entering the two countries into a long-term period ...View Details»

Last Shipment Of American Grain To Iran... 06/11/1979 History
Iran began a worldwide search for large quantities of grain to make up for supplies of grain from the United States. The last American grain shipment ...View Details»

PM Bazargan Resigns... 05/11/1979 History
One day after the U.S. embassy was raided, PM Bazargan resigned in protest. Bazargan was constantly under pressure from hardliners. He was one of foun...View Details»

Iranian Students Seize U.S. Embassy In Tehran... 04/11/1979 History
During public uprising Shah fled the country. After the revolution U.S. was asked to return the dictator but the request was denied. He was reportedly...View Details»