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UFO In Tehran Skies... 19/09/1976 History
(Wikipedia) - The 1976 Tehran UFO Incident was a radar and visual sighting of an unidentified flying object (UFO) over Tehran, the capital of Iran, du...View Details»

Reports Of Torture In Iran... 16/08/1976 History
Amnesty International, the widely respected human rights organization headquartered in London, estimates that in the last decade torture has been offi...View Details»

Operation Condor: An Era of State Terror Made in Washington, DC ... 23/06/1976 History
The dictatorships and their intelligence services were responsible for tens of thousands of killed and missing people in the period between 1975 and ...View Details»

Smoking Ban In Public... 01/06/1976 History
After an assembly, the Ministry of Interior Affairs announced ban on smoking in public places on June, 1, 1976. The Ministry of Health published broch...View Details»

Elizabeth Taylor In Iran... 17/05/1976 History
Actress Elizabeth Taylor was invited on Iran Air's inaugural nonstop flight from New York to Tehran, While the Hollywood superstar played the role o...View Details»

Tehran Korean School Established... 30/04/1976 History
(Wikipedia) - Iran's sole school for South Korean nationals, the Tehran Korean School (also known as the Korean Embassy School), was established on Ap...View Details»

Iran Switches To Imperial Calendar... 15/03/1976 History
Iranian Majlis and Senate approved the bill to use Imperial Calendar. Mohammad Reza Shah's ambitions during the 2500 Years Celebrations, had already i...View Details»

First Iranian Female Ambassador Appointed... 29/02/1976 History
Mehrangiz Dolatshahi became the Iranian ambassador to Denmark on Feb, 29, 1976 thus earning the title of the first (and so far the only) Iranian femal...View Details»