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Iran Iraq Sign Algiers Treaty... 13/06/1975 History
One and a half month after the Istanbul meeting, Algerian leader Boumedian tried to mediate between the two arch foes during an OPEC meeting. A draft ...View Details»

UASF Officers Assassinated In Tehran... 09/06/1975 History
Tehran was shaken by assassination of two U.S. Air Force officers working with the military-assistance mission in Iran. In an Interview after a visi...View Details»

Iran-US Boost Academic Relationships... 21/04/1975 History
A flow of U.S. educators from Harvard to the University of Southern California headed for Iran to offer training and advice in everything from the lat...View Details»

U.S. To Build 8 Nuclear Reactors In Iran... 29/03/1975 History
According to an agreement between Iran and U.S. authorities signed in Tehran, The United States agreed to build and operate 8 nuclear reactors in Iran...View Details»

Shah Announces Single Party System... 02/03/1975 History
Mohammad Reza Shah announced single party system throughout the country and all citizens became obliged to become a member of Rastakhiz party. After t...View Details»