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Iran Takes Back Her Islands... 30/11/1971 History
Iranian forces seized control of Greater and Lesser Tunb Islands in the Persian Gulf. Since then, Greater Tunb, Lesser Tunb and Abu Musa Islands have ...View Details»

2500 Years Celebrations Ceremony... 12/10/1971 History
With a speech by Mohammad Reza Shah in front of Pasargadae, 2500 Years Celebrations began. Top officials from more than 100 nations attended the luxur...View Details»

Bahrain Declares Independence... 14/08/1971 History
Bahrain, the 14th province of Iran declares it's independence from mainland. Bahrain had been a part of Iran since the Achaemenid empire. After the fa...View Details»

General Farsio Assassinated... 07/04/1971 History
Following the Siahkal incident 13 members of the Organization of Iranian People's Fedai Guerrillas were executed by firing squad. The Siahkal Uprising...View Details»

17 Pahlavi Dissidents executed... 17/03/1971 History
The Siahkal Uprising was a guerrilla operation against Pahlavi regime organized by Organization of Iranian People's Fedai Guerrillas that happened nea...View Details»

Iran Leads Oil Price Rise... 25/02/1971 History
Jamshid Amouzegar, finance minister of Mohammad Reza Shah received a a first class Taj medal as a reward for leading the six oil-producing nations of ...View Details»

Anti-Shah Rebels Clash In Siahkal... 08/02/1971 History
Clashes in Siahkal marked the first of several encounters between the Pahlavi regime and armed rebels. The rebels were groups of students with extremi...View Details»

The Ramsar Convention On Wetlands... 02/02/1971 History
Iran hosted representatives from 18 industrial countries who gathered in Ramsar to prepare the first comprehensive treaty regarding wetlands. The conv...View Details»

Charles Issawi Publishes "The economic history of Iran" ... 01/01/1971 History
Charles Issawi Publishes his book: The economic history of Iran on Jan, 1, 1971 (Dey, 11, 1349). Charles Issawi (1916 – December 8, 2000) was a promin...View Details»