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Mohammad Reza Crowns Himself... 26/10/1967 History
On his 47th birthday, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi crowns himself after 26 years of reign. It's not clear what his purpose was. Most likely, he wanted to int...View Details»

First Opening of Shiraz Arts Festival... 11/09/1967 History
(Wikipedia) - The Shiraz Arts Festival was inaugurated by Queen Farah Pahlavi on Sep, 11, 1967. The Shiraz-Persepolis Festival of Arts was an arts fes...View Details»

ِDeath of Samad Behrangi ... 31/08/1967 History
Samad Behrangi drowned in the Aras River on 31, August 1967. Samad Behrangi (Persian: صمد بهرنگی‎, Azerbaijani: صمد بهرنگی, Səməd Behrəngi, ; June 24,...View Details»

50 years ago: How the Shah of Iran′s visit impacted German history ... 02/06/1967 History
On June 2, 1967, student Benno Ohnesorg was killed during protests against the visit of the Iranian Shah. Historian Eckard Michels analyzed the events...View Details»

Shah Visits Germany: Student Shot Dead... 02/06/1967 History
On June, 2, 1967 Mohammad Reza Shah visited West Berlin. The first days of his visit to West Germany went as planned. Shah was received by the politi...View Details»

National Iranian Television Inaugurated... 20/03/1967 History
The first Television transmitter was installed in Tehran on Oct, 25, 1958 and the date is known as the day TV broadcasts started. The Iranian TV was a...View Details»

Mosaddegh Dies In Confinement... 05/03/1967 History
Britain abused Iranian prodigious oil fields for many years. That all changed in 1951 when Iranians nationalized the oil industry under Mosaddegh lead...View Details»