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International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights ... 16/12/1966 History
International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (1966) United Nations Adopted and opened for signature, ratification and accession by General A...View Details»

Greek Ship Stranded Near Kish ... 25/07/1966 History
On 25 July 1966, a cargo steamship later to be known as Greek Ship ran aground on the south-western coast of Kish in the Persian Gulf at position 26°3...View Details»

The Cultural Revolution of China ... 16/05/1966 History
After decades leading the Chinese Communist Party and then his nation, Mao Zedong began to worry about how he would be remembered. The 72-year-old Cha...View Details»

Iran Enters UNESCO... 26/01/1966 History
20 years after it's creation in 1946, Iran is admitted to UNESCO. The 20th century became the time of communication among nations, this became possibl...View Details»

Iraq-Iran Kurdish Clash... 07/01/1966 History
Relations between Iraq and Iran have been tense occasionally. One of the most pressing issues between the two nations is the Kurdish people living in ...View Details»