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Foundation of Shiraz University... 06/11/1964 History
Shiraz University traces its roots to 1946, with the establishment of a technical college aimed at training specialists in the medical sciences with a...View Details»

Civil Disorder In Fars, Troops Deployed... 17/04/1964 History
The Tehran radio announced that armed insurgents related to Ghashgha tribe simultaneously attacked several police stations in the Fars province at the...View Details»

Imam Khomeini Freed From Prison... 07/04/1964 History
Imam Khomeini's enthusiastic speech in the Madrasa of Feyziyeh against Capitulation which drew an ire in Savak was somehow the starting point of a rev...View Details»

Prime Minister Alam Resigns... 07/03/1964 History
Mohammad Reza Shah used to change Prime Ministers as casually as other men change suits. On March, 7, 1964, he courteously turned out Asadollah Alam, ...View Details»