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Sepah Danesh Corps Founded... 14/10/1962 History
During Mehregan celebrations, the Iranian Minister of Culture announced foundation of Sepah Danesh on Oct, 14, 1962. Sepah Danesh was a special corps ...View Details»

Peykan Car Factory Founded... 13/10/1962 History
The Iran Nasyonal factory was founded in the Ekbatan street of Tehran with a capital of 10,000,000 Tomans on Oct, 13, 1962 and started manufacturing b...View Details»

1962 Buin Zahra earthquake ... 01/09/1962 History
The 1962 Buin Zahra earthquake occurred on September 1, 1962, in the area of Buin Zahra, Qazvin Province, Iran. 12,225 fatalities resulted from the ma...View Details»

Lindel Johnson Arrives In Tehran... 25/08/1962 History
Lindel Johnson who was the U.S. secretary of states arrives in Tehran to meet Mohammad Reza Shah and other Iranian authorities. Johnson was delivering...View Details»

Shah Meets Kennedy At White House... 13/04/1962 History
Mohammad Reza Shah met with President Kennedy at the white house on Apr, 13, 1962. Farah Diba, Shah's newly wed third wife accompanied him on this tri...View Details»

The End Of Cold War Between Iran And USSR... 27/03/1962 History
Just 2 years before, on March, 27, 1960 media wars had begun between USSR and Iran. After Iran's alliance with the west and becoming close friends wit...View Details»

Mosaddegh Supporters Arrested... 30/01/1962 History
Eight years after the CIA/MI6 backed coup d'état that re-installed the puppet dictator , Nationalist supporters of toppled Mosaddegh regained enough s...View Details»

Aviation Industry Nationalized... 20/01/1962 History
The Iranian aviation industry was nationalized under the name Iran Air. The private company Iranian Airways had been founded in April 1944 which shutt...View Details»