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UK Files Complaint Against Iran... 01/10/1951 History
The UNSC receives a complaint filed by the UK against Iran after a brief meeting. Britain was using every possible means to counter a the nationalizat...View Details»

Britain boycotts Iran over the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company ... 10/09/1951 History
By: Chris Carter 10/09/2015 *** British employees of the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company were told to pack their bags Of all the overseas possessions the B...View Details»

Britain Imposes Economic Sanctions on Iran... 22/08/1951 History
(Werzit) - Iranians, under their national leader Dr. Mosaddegh were determined to end a long-term British robbery that had been institutionalized afte...View Details»

US Mediation Between Iran-Britain... 15/07/1951 History
(Massachusetts Institute of Technology) - A US diplomat named W. Averell Harriman arrived in Tehran on July, 15 1951 to mediate between Iran and Brita...View Details»

Iranian Flag Waving On Abadan Refinery... 20/06/1951 History
In July, 1951, Mosaddegh sent a committee of five (including four National Front deputies) created by Majlis to Khuzestan to take over the oil install...View Details»

Iranian Oil Industry Nationalized By Law... 28/04/1951 History
After half a century of exploitation of Iran's wealth, the parliament passed the bill that nationalized Iran's oil industry. After Mansour's cabinet u...View Details»

Sadegh Hedayat Commits Suicide in Paris ... 09/04/1951 History
On 9 April 1951, Sadegh Hedayat committed suicide by gassing himself in a small rented apartment in Paris. Sadegh (also spelled as Sadeq) Hedayat (Per...View Details»

Nationalization Of Oil Day... 20/03/1951 History
The Nationalization of Oil which passed as a law at the Iranian Parliament on March, 15, 1951 was later ratified by the Iranian Senate on March, 20, 1...View Details»

PM Razmara Assassinated... 07/03/1951 History
Prime Minister Haj Ali Razmara came closer than any other politician to ratifying the Supplemental Oil Agreement between Iran and the Anglo-Iranian Oi...View Details»

Demonstrations For Nationalization Of Oil... 03/03/1951 History
Mounting protests against an unfair deal that gave Britain all rights over Iranian oil reserves led to street demonstrations on March, 3, 1950 and pub...View Details»