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Toodeh Party Founders Escape From Prison... 15/12/1950 History
A person in military suit presented himself as the representative of the military court at the Ghasr Prison and took away some of the high ranking mem...View Details»

Majlis Rejects AIOC Agreement... 25/11/1950 History
Majlis unanimously rejected the Supplemental Agreement by AIOC as inadequate on Nov, 25, 1950. AIOC was a symbol of western imperialism and political ...View Details»

Educating Doctors In Isfahan... 29/10/1950 History
(IUMS) - Isfahan University of Medical Sciences was established in 1946 and was known at the time as Isfahan Senior School of Medical Training. After...View Details»

Iran Recognizes Israel ... 05/03/1950 History
In the cabinet meeting of Prime Minister Mohammad Sa'ed Maraghei on 5th March, 1950 recognition of Israel was approved. Iran was the second Muslim-maj...View Details»

Majlis Sixteenth Terms Begins... 09/02/1950 History
The 16th Majlis term started on Feb, 9, 1950. The sixteenth term was noisy, sawing the seeds of the Nationalization of Oil Industry. Britain filed a ...View Details»

Iranian President Of UN General Assembly... 01/01/1950 History
(Wikipedia) - Nasrollah Entezam was an Iranian diplomat who held the position of the President of the United Nations General Assembly during the fifth...View Details»