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Newspaper Unveils Foreign Conspiracy... 10/09/1947 History
Ettelaat Newspaper reported that Britain and Soviets had reached a consensus over Iran's North Oil. Under occupation, Iranian Prime Minister Ghavamoss...View Details»

Majlis Fifteenth Terms Begins... 17/07/1947 History
The 15th Majlis term started on Jul, 17, 1947. Important bills passed by Majlis during this term were: - Resolution disapproving the March 26th ag...View Details»

Separatist Kumeleh Leaders Executed... 30/03/1947 History
Gazi Mohammad, the leader of the Kumeleh party who had secured support from Soviet Unions declared independence in the city of Mahabad on Jan, 22, 194...View Details»

Iran In The Truman Doctrine... 12/03/1947 History
The Context of Harry S.Truman's speech in Congress on March, 12, 1947 which was later named as the Truman Doctrine, was based on strategic position of...View Details»

23 Pishevari Officers Executed... 02/01/1947 History
23 separatist officers that had staged an armed uprising were executed. Soviet troops that were illegally inside the Iranian soil supplied them with t...View Details»