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Majlis Fourteenth Terms Begins... 26/02/1944 History
The 14th Majlis term started on Feb, 26, 1944. The fourteenth term convened while Allied Powers still occupied parts of Iran. Political groups were f...View Details»

Pezeshk Ahmadi Murderer of Sardar Asad & Farroki Yazdi Executed ... 20/02/1944 History
Ahmad Ahmadi was found guilty for numerous murders by the court and was sentenced to death. He was executed in public in 1944 in Tehran's Toopkhāneh S...View Details»

Iran / U.S. Diplomacy Reaches Embassy Level... 10/02/1944 History
The WWII gave the United States tools to become a major world player. A shift in U.S. foreign diplomacy was shaping towards imperialism and opportunit...View Details»