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Warning From India About U.S.... 26/11/1944 History
A classified letter from Ali Motamedi, Iranian representative in India is delivered to Prime Minister Saed on Nov, 26, 1944. The report that was dated...View Details»

Bayat Presents Cabinet... 25/11/1944 History
Morteza Gholi Bayat was an Iranian political figure who was very active during the Constitutional Monarchy Movement. He continuously became parliament...View Details»

USSR's Ultimatum To Iran... 08/11/1944 History
On Nov, 8, 1944, the Soviet Ambassador submitted an ultimatum asking the Iranian government asking for handing over the killer(s) of a Soviet officer ...View Details»

Saed Stands Against USSR... 09/10/1944 History
A Soviet delegate of petroleum experts, headed by Sergei Kavtradze visited Iran on Sep, 15, 1944 and complained about PM Saed's attitude towards Russi...View Details»

Saed Presents Cabinet Of Ministers... 06/09/1944 History
A couple of days after Mohammad Saed Maraghei resigned as Prime Minister, he was asked to return to duty and govern Iran under occupation. As he was p...View Details»

Reza Shah Dies In Exile... 26/07/1944 History
Reza Shah Pahlavi who was living his last days of life in Johannesburg died after suffering from cardiac problems. His corpse was mummified and sent t...View Details»

Ararat Club Founded... 04/07/1944 History
The Ararat Club was established on July, 4, 1944 by a group of Armenian-Iranians. They named the club after the famous mountain of the same name. The ...View Details»

Majlis Fourteenth Terms Begins... 26/02/1944 History
The 14th Majlis term started on Feb, 26, 1944. The fourteenth term convened while Allied Powers still occupied parts of Iran. Political groups were f...View Details»

Pezeshk Ahmadi Murderer of Sardar Asad & Farroki Yazdi Executed ... 20/02/1944 History
Ahmad Ahmadi was found guilty for numerous murders by the court and was sentenced to death. He was executed in public in 1944 in Tehran's Toopkhāneh S...View Details»

Iran / U.S. Diplomacy Reaches Embassy Level... 10/02/1944 History
The WWII gave the United States tools to become a major world player. A shift in U.S. foreign diplomacy was shaping towards imperialism and opportunit...View Details»