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The Tehran Declaration 1943... 01/12/1943 History
In a meeting between Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin in Tehran between November 28 and December 1, 1943, the chief discussion centered on the opening...View Details»

Stalin, Roosevelt And Churchill In Tehran... 28/11/1943 History
Despite the fact that Iran had declared neutrality during the WWII, both Russia and British troops invaded Iran from north and south. During this conf...View Details»

Iran Offers Oil Concessions To The U.S.... 15/11/1943 History
During the WWII, Iranians tried their best to use the U.S. as a third option against U.K. and U.S.S.R. Early in February 1943, Iranian officials in W...View Details»

Vote Of Confidence For Soheili... 31/10/1943 History
More than eight months after Soheili presented his cabinet of ministers and started serving as Prime Minister, Majlis approved his cabinet. Iran was u...View Details»

Iran Joins The United Nations... 14/09/1943 History
Iran, under occupation did not have much choice. After declaring war on Germany and cutting diplomatic ties with axis countries Iran's ministry of for...View Details»

Iran Declares War On Germany... 09/09/1943 History
Despite Iran's neutrality at war, UK and USSR forces invaded Iran in August 1941. On Aug, 24, one day before the invasion, a British destroyer enters ...View Details»

Battle of Kursk: The Most Expensive Battle of 20th Century ... 05/07/1943 Military
The Battle of Kursk was a World War II engagement between German and Soviet forces on the Eastern Front near Kursk (450 kilometres or 280 miles southw...View Details»

Case Black: Partisan Victory at The Battle of Sutjeska ... 16/06/1943 History
Case Black (German: Fall Schwarz), also known as the Fifth Enemy Offensive (Serbo-Croatian: Peta neprijateljska ofanziva) in Yugoslav historiography a...View Details»

Soheili Presents Cabinet... 17/02/1943 History
Ali Soheili became Prime Minister for a second term after Ghavamossaltaneh did not comply with unfair terms imposed by occupation forces on Tehran and...View Details»

Dr. Millspaugh Arrives In Tehran... 29/01/1943 History
On Jan, 29, 1943 Dr. Millspaugh, an advisor of American Economic Mission arrives in Tehran as the new Treasurer General of Persia. Iran was caught in ...View Details»