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Mandatory Education Draft Presented To Parliament... 24/12/1942 History
The mandatory education draft was presented to the Iranian parliament. This draft was later approved and became law according to which general educati...View Details»

Bread Riots Emerge In Tehran... 08/12/1942 History
While Iran was still under occupation and crop from the most fertile northern provinces were sent to USSR, Iranians were facing famine. The quality of...View Details»

German Spy Network Busted... 01/11/1942 History
After receiving a tip, the British intelligence officers were led to the hiding place of Franz Mayer in Isfahan. Documents, notes, and letters were se...View Details»

U.S. Founds Iranian Military Mission... 27/09/1942 History
The United States founds the Iranian military mission in order to supply necessities of the British troops in the Persian Gulf alongside streaming sup...View Details»

Iran / U.K. Trade Treaty... 26/05/1942 History
Iran's economic situation was not bright even before the occupation. After the invasion of Allied Powers, food and other resources became scarce and t...View Details»

Kayhan Newspaper Founded... 10/03/1942 History
On March, 10, 1942, the Ministry of Culture issued a permit for publication of Kayhan Newspaper, a daily owned by Abdorrahman Faramarzi, and Mostafa M...View Details»

US Approves Iran Aid Package... 10/03/1942 History
The United States found Iran eligible for a loan and lease program. Iran also demanded sending American military advisors in order to improve the Gend...View Details»

Soheili Becomes Prime Minister... 09/03/1942 History
When PM Foroughi resigned in February, 1942, no one wanted to become the Prime Minister under occupation and deal with huge problems. Somehow, Ali Soh...View Details»

Iran Asks Resumption Of Postal Flights... 23/02/1942 History
The German Junkers Company started operating in Iran since April, 1929 running Tehran-Mashhad postal services. Mutual cooperation expanded in time unt...View Details»

Incarceration of of Japanese Americans ... 19/02/1942 History
The internment of Japanese Americans in the United States during World War II was the forced relocation and incarceration in camps in the interior of ...View Details»