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Foroughi Presents New Cabinet Of Ministers... 06/12/1941 History
6 months after Allied Powers entered Iran, Foroughi presented his new cabinet of ministers to the parliament. The surprise person proposed in charge o...View Details»

Majlis Thirteenth Terms Begins... 13/11/1941 History
The 13th Majlis term started on Nov, 13, 1941. Iran was under occupation and the thirteenth term coincided with the Tehran Conference attended by the...View Details»

Foroughi Becomes Prime Minister Again... 21/09/1941 History
After Mansour's resignation, Foroughi was appointed Prime Minister on Aug, 27, 1941. However, after Reza Shah resigned on Sep, 16th, he submitted his ...View Details»

Reza Shah Helps Germans Escape... 18/09/1941 History
According to many historians, Anschluss in 1938 was the event that triggered the WWII. However, the world history covering WWII is full of bias and li...View Details»

Iran Cuts Ties With Bulgaria, Italy, Romania, Hungary... 16/09/1941 History
Following British and Russian occupation, Iran was forced to cuts ties With axis nations including Bulgaria, Italy, Romania and Hungary. Although the ...View Details»

Reza Shah Resigns... 16/09/1941 History
Reza Shah signs his resignation letter prepared by PM Foroughi in which he declared that due to his age, he though that a younger person, namely his s...View Details»

PM Mansour Forced To Resign... 27/08/1941 History
Reza Shah summoned Russian and British ambassadors on Aug, 25 as he heard their advance on the Iranian soil. He expressed his disappointment over such...View Details»

Anglo-Soviet invasion of Iran ... 25/08/1941 History
The invasion of Iran was the Allied invasion of the Imperial State of Iran during World War II, by Soviet, British and other Commonwealth armed forces...View Details»

3 Iranians Stop The Red Army... 25/08/1941 History
The Red Army of USSR was stuck at the Jolfa Bridge on the Aras River. In the midst of the World War II, during the invasion of Iran by Allied Powers, ...View Details»

Allied Powers Invade Iran... 25/08/1941 History
Despite the fact that Iran had declared it's neutrality during the World War II, Britain and Soviets started their invasion into Iran. Two weeks befor...View Details»