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Mosaddegh Sent To Exile In Ahmadabad... 04/12/1940 History
Mosaddegh's political activities raised an ire during the reign of Reza Shah as well as his son Mohammad Reza Shah's. Reza Shah had imprisoned Mosadde...View Details»

Mansour Appointed Prime Minister... 25/06/1940 History
Reza Shah appointed Rajabali Mansour as the new Prime Minister. The pro-German Matin Daftari could only remain prime minister for 8 months and Reza Sh...View Details»

Radio Tehran Founded... 24/04/1940 History
The cabinet of ministers approved the bill that authorized usage of radio in Iran on Sep, 24, 1934. The law required a permission from the Ministry of...View Details»

Britain Refuses Selling Airplanes To Iran... 03/03/1940 History
A request by the Iranian government to purchase some airplanes from Britain was denied. The Iranian air force had been founded by airplanes purchased ...View Details»

Iran Offers Alliance To Britain... 01/02/1940 History
On Feb, 1, 1940, the Iranian Minister of War secretly proposed a joint military operation against the Bolsheviks. In a telegraph sent to the British M...View Details»