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PM Daftari Presents His Cabinet... 29/10/1939 History
Matin Daftari was appointed as the new prime minister by Reza Shah. He presented his cabinet of ministers to Majlis on October, 29, 1939. The majority...View Details»

Majlis Twelveth Terms Begins... 25/10/1939 History
The 12th Majlis term started on Oct, 25, 1939 and officially inaugurated on Nov, 2. Reza Shah attended the inauguration ceremony on Oct, 26 though h...View Details»

Reza Shah Kills Farrokhi Yazdi... 18/10/1939 History
Mirza Mohammad Farrokhi Yazdi was an Iranian journalist, poet and senior politician who was killed by the order of Reza Shah Pahlavi on October, 18, 1...View Details»

Abadan Institute Of Technology Founded... 23/09/1939 History
Abadan Institute Of Technology (AIOT) was the third of it's kind in the world, founded for education and training of technical staff required to opera...View Details»

Prince Of Persia Marries Egyptian Fawzia... 15/03/1939 History
Mohammad Reza Pahlavi who was the crown prince at the time married princess Fouziyeh, the daughter of king Fuad of Egypt. Because the Pahlavi family d...View Details»