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Iran Ships Opium To Japan... 29/12/1937 History
At the League of Nations, the Chinese representative, submits a complaint accusing Japan of importing tens of tons of opium from Iran and distributing...View Details»

Majlis Eleventh Term Begins... 11/09/1937 History
The 11th Majlis term started on Sep, 11, 1937. Iran had entered a fast pace of progress. Reza Shah's risky steps including withdrawing minister from...View Details»

Saadabad Treaty Signed... 08/07/1937 History
Upon an initiative from the British government, Iran was somehow forced to sign a non-agression treaty with Turkey, Iraq, and Afghanistan in Saadabad ...View Details»

Parliament Ratifies Amiranian Deal... 04/02/1937 History
Ten years after first attempts by American companies to enter the Iranian petroleum market, as they were challenged by Britain and Russia; the Sinclai...View Details»

Iran Withdraws Minister From Paris... 18/01/1937 History
On Jan, 18, 1937, shortly after cutting diplomatic ties with the U.S., Iran withdrew the Minister Plenipotentiary from Paris because of a pun, as a F...View Details»