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Post Office Building Completed... 29/07/1933 History
Iran's national postal services started in the new central office building in Tehran. The construction was completed in 6 years. Iran was the first ...View Details»

Imprisonment of Abdolhossein Teymourtash for Taking Bribe ... 25/06/1933 History
The primary foreign policy objective pursued by Iran during the early Pahlavi era was to loosen the economic grasp of foreign powers on Iran, and in p...View Details»

Majlis Ratifies New Oil Agreement... 28/05/1933 History
The attempt to revise the terms of the oil concession towards a fair basis for Iran led to long negotiations that took place between Abdolhossein Teim...View Details»

Majlis Ninth Term Begins... 15/03/1933 History
The first assembly of the 9th Majlis took place on March, 15, 1933. After cancellation of the D'Arcy agreement by the Majlis eighth term, the govern...View Details»