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Majlis Eighth Term Begins... 15/12/1930 History
The decree for parliament elections was issued on June, 3, 1930. The first assembly of the 8th Majlis took place on Dec, 15, 1930. Adlolmolk Dadgar wa...View Details»

First School Of Cinema Opens In Tehran... 10/05/1930 History
The history of cinema in Iran started 5 years after the Lumiere brothers invented the cinema-photograph machine. In March 1900, during a visit to Fran...View Details»

1930 Salmas Earthquake ... 07/05/1930 History
The 1930 Salmas earthquake occurred on May 7 at 01:34:26 IRST in West Azerbaijan Province, Iran. The earthquake, which was among Iran's largest, measu...View Details»

Iran Switches To Rial... 18/03/1930 History
Rial became the new Iranian currency replacing Gheran on March, 18, 1930. First Iranian coins date back to 564 B.C when the Achaemenid king Cyrus Th...View Details»

Ahmad Shah Dies In Paris... 28/02/1930 History
Only 6 years after the death of Mohammad Ali Shah in Italy, young Ahmad Shah dies at the age of 32 in a hospital in Paris reportedly because of kidney...View Details»

British Flags On Iranian Islands... 24/02/1930 History
On Feb, 24 1930 Iran protested against British flags on Iranian Islands in the Persian Gulf. The official note was delivered to British Minister Pleni...View Details»

Mauser Becomes Iran's Rifle... 27/01/1930 History
After months of inspection and evaluating the results of the tests on different models of rifles that were used in the Iranian army for years, Reza Sh...View Details»