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Sepahdar Tonekaboni Commits Suicide... 19/09/1926 History
Mohammad Vali Khan, known as Sepahdar Tonekaboni was born around 1848 and made a career as military officer in Naseroddin Shah's army. He was given th...View Details»

Majlis Sixth Term Begins... 10/07/1926 History
The first assembly of the 6th Majlis took place on July, 10, 1926. The shameful capitulation rights were cancelled. These were a set of terms or artic...View Details»

Reza Khan Becomes Reza Shah... 25/04/1926 History
Four years after his coup d'état, Reza Shah proclaimed king and started the Pahlavi dynasty which lasted until 1979 as the last monarchy in the Irania...View Details»

Iran-Turkey Sign Friendship Treaty... 22/04/1926 History
Imperial government of Iran and Republic of Turkey signed a friendship and security treaty on April, 22, 1926. The treaty which was arranged in eleven...View Details»

Second Demolition of Al-Baqi Cemetery,... 21/04/1926 History
Al-Baqi cemetery, the oldest and one of the two most important Islamic graveyards located in Medina, in current-day Saudi Arabia, was demolished in 18...View Details»

First IIAF Pilot Flies From Paris To Tehran... 24/02/1926 History
The Imperial Iranian Air Force (IIAF) was established by Reza Shah in 1920. IIAF became operational with its first fully trained pilots on February 25...View Details»

Majlis Library Inaugurated... 30/01/1926 History
Two years after the victory of the Constitutional Monarchy Movement in 1910, a draft was presented to the parliament proposing foundation of the Majli...View Details»