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Standard Oil Deal Approved... 21/11/1921 History
The Iranian parliament approved the bill which gave the American Standard Oil company the right to exploration of oil in north Iran in the area that i...View Details»

Colonel Pesyan Killed... 02/10/1921 History
Colonel Pesyan was a patriotic officer who was against presence of foreign troops in Iran. He found the Qajar court corrupt and in the hand of foreign...View Details»

Wanted : Colonel Pesyan... 24/08/1921 History
Prime Minister Ghavamossaltaneh put a reward on the head of Colonel Pesyan and gave authority to several influential people such as Shokatolmolk 2 and...View Details»

Majlis Denounces British Colonial Agreement... 22/06/1921 History
On the second day after the fourth term opening, Majlis denounced the Anglo-Persian agreement Issued by George Curzon in Aug, 1919. The hegemonic deal...View Details»

Majlis Fourth Term Begins... 21/06/1921 History
After nearly six years, Majlis started its fourth term on June, 21, 1921. The bill requesting abolition of the 1919 treaty, signed between the Iranian...View Details»

British General Ironside Leaves Iran... 30/04/1921 History
Two months after the coup d'état that toppled the Iranian regime, the British general Ironside leaves Iran. Ironside had been chief of the British mil...View Details»

Soviets Name Greater Khorasan as Turkestan... 11/04/1921 History
After the coup of Reza Khan, the Bolsheviks abruptly drew a virtual border around the territory previously seized from Iran and called it Turkestan. T...View Details»

Autonomous Government of Khorasan Founded ... 02/04/1921 History
The Autonomous Government of Khorasan was a short-lived military state set up in what is now Iran. It was formally established on the April 2, 1921 an...View Details»

Ahmad Ghavam Arrested... 02/04/1921 History
Ahmad Ghavam, later to be known as Ghavamossaltaneh was the governor of Khorasan when he was arrested by Colonel Pesyan. At first, these two important...View Details»

Russo-Persian Treaty of Friendship (1921) ... 26/02/1921 History
The Russo-Persian Treaty of Friendship was signed on February 26, 1921 between representatives of Iran and the Soviet Russia. Based on the terms of th...View Details»