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Armitage Settles Iran-Britain Disputes... 22/12/1920 History
First disagreements between Iran and Britain arose during the World War I. In Feb, 1915, German and Turkish spies, with the help of some tribal bandit...View Details»

British Warning To Iran... 02/12/1920 History
Those were times when Britain was enjoying the advantages of being a superpower, bullying in Iran. On Dec, 2, 1920 the British representative gave a n...View Details»

Khiabani Uprising In Tabriz... 08/07/1920 History
In 1919, Iranian Prime Minister Vosooghoddoleh secretly signed a treaty with Britain that gave the colonist state exclusive rights over Iran’s transpo...View Details»

Red Revolution Committee Of Gilan Founded... 07/06/1920 History
After the Bolshevik revolution in Oct, 1917 and collapse of Czar Empire, some Iranians expected a friendlier attitude from the newly founded U.S.S.R.,...View Details»