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Term Persian Date Section
Energy Ministryوزارت نیرو2016-09-26 Ministry
Intelligence Ministryوزارت اطلاعات2016-08-31 Ministry
Ministry of Industries, Mine and Tradeوزارت صنعت، معدن و تجارت2016-08-21 Ministry
Ministry of Internal Affairsوزارت امور داخله2016-08-08 Ministry
Minister of Industry, Mines, and Tradeوزارت صنعت، معدن و تجارت2016-06-01 Ministry
Ministry of Tourismوزارت گردشگری2016-05-31 Ministry
Finance Ministryوزارت دارایی2016-05-09 Ministry
Foreign Ministryوزارت امور خارجه2016-05-05 Ministry
Oil Ministryوزارت نفت2016-04-29 Ministry
Ministry of Interiorوزارت کشور2016-04-06 Ministry
Ministry of Housing and Urban Developmentوزارت مسکن و شهرسازی2016-01-26 Ministry