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فارسی »» The year 1956 A.D. in the Iranian History

August, 4, 1956 A.D.:
Mosaddegh Sent To Exile In Ahmadabad Again

Near the end of his three years prison term, Mohammad Reza Shah's military junta decided to transfer Dr. Mosaddegh to the Ahmadabad village. Mosaddegh's government was toppled after a USA-UK backed coup code named Operation TP-AJAX. The reason behind this heneous decision which was not endoresed b... Read Full Article:

September, 19, 1956 A.D.:
Foundation Of SAVAK

A draft on foundation of SAVAK which was approved at the cabinet of ministers, was presented to the parliament for for ratification. SAVAK soon became a dreadful secret service that got involved in many dark activities. Before foundation of SAVAK, intelligence and information gathering activities we... Read Full Article:

November, 13, 1956 A.D.:
Population Of Iran 1956

Final results from a population count that takes place every 10 years :Accordingly Iran's population is 19 million while Tehran's inhabitants are 1,531,000. Population count was performed since the Achaemenid era for agricultural and taxing purposes. After introduction of Islam to Iran, it was used... Read Full Article:

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