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August, 3, 633 A.D.:
Battle of Dawmat al-Jandal

The Battle of Daumat-ul-jandal took place between Muslims and Rebel Arab tribes in August 633 AD. This was a part of the Riddah wars. Daumat ul jandal was given to Iyad ibn Ghanm to crush the rebels, but he failed in doing so, and send for help to Khalid ibn Walid who was in Iraq in those days. Bac... Read Full Article:

August, 3, 837 A.D.:
Babak Khorramdin Arrested

Babak Khorramdin leaded the first serious resistance against Caliph discrimination after the death of Abu Muslim. Babak's leadership between 816-837 was one of the most significant periods in the Iranian history because of the indisputable influence it had on preservation of Persian language and cul... Read Full Article:

August, 3, 1979 A.D.:
Iranian Constitutional Convention election, 1979

Constitutional Convention elections were held in Iran on 3 August 1979. The result was a victory for the Islamic Republican Party, which won 55 of the 73 seats. Voter turnout was 90.5%. The new constitution drawn up by the body was approved by 99.5% of voters in a referendum in December. *** State e... Read Full Article:

August, 3, 2016 A.D.:
Sassanid-era food jars found in Bushehr waters

News ID: 3730200 - Tue 2 August 2016 - 15:58 Culture BUSHEHR, Aug. 02 (MNA) – Excavations under Persian Gulf waters in Bushehr have uncovered food jars belonging to Sassanid era. Hassan Tofighian, the head of expedition told Mehr News local correspondent that the excavations were sponsored by city... Read Full Article:

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