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July, 19, 2781 B.C.:
The Beginning Of Egyptian History

Unlike many other conquerors who destroyed every aspect of the culture and history of the defeated nations, Achaemenids felt a strong urge to preserve culture, history and traditions of submitted kingdoms such as Egyptians. In 517 B.C. Dariush the great visited the Egyptian Satrapy. Impressed by Egy... Read Full Article:

August, 30, 30 B.C.:
Cleopatra Biography - Last Pharaoh of Egypt killed herself

Cleopatra Facts First: Known for: last Pharaoh of Egypt, last of the Ptolemy dynasty of Egyptian rulers; also known for her relationships to Julius Caesar and to Marc Antony Dates: 69 BCE - August 30, 30 BCE Occupation: Pharaoh of Egypt (ruler) Also Known as: Cleopatra Queen of Egypt, Cleopatra ... Read Full Article:

May, 25, 311 B.C.:
Seleucia Constructions Started

Seleucus Nicator, Macedonian army officer and founder of the Seleucid dynasty ordered construction of a city on the Tigris river. After the death of Alexander, under whom he had served, Seleucus won an empire centered on Syria and Iran. Built in 5 years, Seleucia became his eastern capital and repla... Read Full Article:

June, 11, 323 B.C.:
Alexander Dies In Babylon

Alexander the Great who put an end to the Persian Achaemenid Empire died in Babylon. There's a rumor that Roxana, the daughter of Persian Satrapy he married gave him a disease. His general Perdiccas became the regent of all of Alexander's empire, while Alexander's physically and mentally disabled ha... Read Full Article:

June, 16, 323 B.C.:
Sisygambis Passes Away

Sisygambis, the mother of Dariush 3rd passed away five days after Alexander's death. She who had given birth to seven sons and seen their death, must have lived a painful life. When she was young, Artaxerxes 3 had killed all his brothers and nephews during a power struggle. Then she witnessed fall o... Read Full Article:

January, 20, 330 B.C.:
Battle at the Persian Gate

The Battle of the Persian Gate was a military conflict between the Achaemenid Empire and Macedonian Alexander at the Persian Gate. It's been narrated by Callisthenes who kept Alexander's diary that on this day, the army of Alexander that consisted of tens of thousands of soldiers could not proceed a... Read Full Article:

February, 4, 330 B.C.:
Perspolis Turns Into Ashes

A hero to one nation may well be a sucker to another; and that's the case for Alexander the Great. After the battle of Gaugamela Dariush 3 retreated to Ecbatana on Oct, 4, 331 B.C. to rearrange a new army. However uprisings started all over the kingdom. Alexander conquers Babylon and Susa easily and... Read Full Article:

May, 19, 330 B.C.:
Rhagae Falls After 3 Days Of Resistance

After the Gaugamela battle, the defeated Iranian army started retreating till they reached Rhagae. Despite having no leader and no supplies, starting from May, 16th, with the help of local citizens, a bloody battle continued street by street. While Rhagae citadel was being defended by local resident... Read Full Article:

June, 28, 330 B.C.:
Greeks Adopt Achaemenid Calendars

While cities of the Achaemenid Empire were being captured one after another by Macedonian Alexander, among many booties recovered from the Persian civilization, Iranian achievements in science and technology were quickly adopted by the Greeks. It is important to note that even a simple innovation su... Read Full Article:

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