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March, 12, 1447 A.D.:
Shahrokh Mirza Teimuri Dies

Shahrokh Mirza AKA Shah Rukh (Timurid Dynasty), the fourth son of Teimur from an Iranian mother was born on Aug, 30, 1377 and took his father's place in 1405 when he was 28. He ruled over Iran for 42 years from capital Herat. After his father's death, each of his brothers and nephews proclaimed them... Read Full Article:

August, 11, 1473 A.D.:
Fatih Sultan Mehmet Defeats Uzun Hasan

Sultan Mehmet captured Constantinople in 1453, therefore a longtime dream of many Muslim kings became true while creating one of the most powerful empires of the world. Sultan Mehmet then conquered offshoots of Byzantine Empire including Trebizond thus adding all of the Eastern Black Sea region to h... Read Full Article:

December, 1, 1477 A.D.:
Qanun Of Medicine Published In Europe

Famous Persian scholar Avicenna completed Qanun of Medicine in 14 volumes in 1025 A.D. Despite being banned by Pope in 1215, Qanun became widely popular among European scientists. After a year in preparation, first Latin translation of Qanun which was the most reliable encyclopedia of medicine of th... Read Full Article:

July, 15, 1478 A.D.:
Ak Koyunlu Clash At The Battle Of Khoy

On July,15, 1478, in the Battle of Khoy, Khalil Mirza was killed and his forces dispersed by the confederated forces of Soltan Yaghub, who then took the Ak Koyunlu throne. Soltan Yaghub reigned from 1478 to 1490. He succeeded in sustaining the Ak Koyunlu dynasty for a while longer. However, during t... Read Full Article:

July, 17, 1487 A.D.:
Shah Ismail Is Born

Shah Ismail, the mastermind of the new glorious Safavid dynasty was born on this day. His father Sultan Heydar was a warrior. In a series of battles beween 1500 and 1502 Shah Ismail defeated great enemies including Ak Koyunlu Turcomans and seized power. He proclaimed kingdom and declared Shiite fait... Read Full Article:

March, 11, 1502 A.D.:
Shah Ismail Becomes King

After 12 years of fighting with over 50 tribal, and regional leaders, the coronation ceremony of Shah Ismail, the founder of the Safavid dynasty took place in Tabriz. By declaring Shiite, the official faith he created a new center of power among Muslims. His other source of power came from being Tur... Read Full Article:

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