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August, 27, 1387 A.D.:
Teimur Conquers Isfahan

Teimur was born on Apr, 8, 1335 in a small city south of Samarkand from the Berlas Tatar tribe. It's been narrated that he injured his leg while he was a child stealing a sheep and could not walk straight afterwards; that's why he's also called Teimur Lang (cripple). Starting 1381, He began attackin... Read Full Article:

May, 18, 1389 A.D.:
Toos Destroyed

Toos, the famous birthplace of Ferdowsi was destroyed by Miran Shah, Teimur's son. Miran devastated the city by changing the direction of the river. This way Toos never was inhabited again. Destruction of cultural and religious centers, burning books and libraries were aimed at drying out the source... Read Full Article:

May, 22, 1393 A.D.:
Teimur Exterminates The Mozaffarids

When we evaluate certain punishments in old times and judge them as acts of cruelty by some Mozaffarid rulers, we should imagine what life looked like during the time of Teimur Lang whose atrocities has been the source of unbelievable stories that make one think how satanic and bloodthirsty a person... Read Full Article:

July, 20, 1402 A.D.:
Victory for Timur at The Battle of Ankara

The Battle of Ankara or Angora was fought on 20 July 1402 at the Tchubuk plain near Angora between the forces of the Ottoman Sultan Bayezid I (Bajazet) and Timur (Tamerlane), ruler of the Timurid Empire. The battle was a major victory for Timur, and it led to a period of crisis for the Ottoman Empir... Read Full Article:

February, 27, 1405 A.D.:
Teimur Lang Is Dead

Teimur Lang died on Feb, 27, 1405 AD at the age of 70. He was on a new expedition of China when death caught him in Farab, 76 km from Samarkand. It is noticeable that he had just returned back from a campaign in Iran, Iraq, Syria and Asia Minor and the main reason for this new war was to keep his va... Read Full Article:

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