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فارسی »» The Iranian History Era :13 Ghaznavid Dynasty (977 - 1186) AD

March, 16, 1010 A.D.:
Ferdowsi Completes Shahnameh

Ferdowsi completed his renown masterpiece, Shahnameh (The epic of kings) on March, 16, 1010 AD. According to his own words in his book of 50,000 verses, his work was completed on Esfand, 25, 400 LH. Ferdowsi is a highly revered Iranian poet who practically revived the Persian language in a time when... Read Full Article:

February, 14, 102 A.D.:
Defeat of Chinese Forces In Transoxiana

The Chinese Khaghan Vadi sent 40,000 units to Transoxiana knowing that Iranians were busy fighting the Romans. The invasion was encountered by local forces of Parthia, Ariana and Kohestan and the Chinese army was crushed with many taken captive. The Chinese leaders sent their apologies and said that... Read Full Article:

April, 30, 1030 A.D.:
Mahmoud Ghaznavi Died

Sultan Mahmoud Ghaznavi died on this day. He succeeded his father Saboktakin in 988 and his reign lasted for 22 years. Sultan Mahmoud Ghaznavi had attacked India several times in order to spread Islam. This indeed became the reason behind foundation of Pakistan. He therefore had full support of the... Read Full Article:

July, 1, 1030 A.D.:
Mohammad Blinded By Masood Ghaznavi

Before his death, Sultan Mahmoud of the Ghaznavi dynasty had chosen Masood as the crown prince to succeed him. The Ghaznavi dynasty was founded by Saboktakin, a former slave in 977. Masood Ghaznavi who wanted to make sure that he would have no competitors for the throne, blinded his brother Mohammad... Read Full Article:

May, 13, 1033 A.D.:
Masood Ghaznavi Appoints New Vezir

Mahmoud Ghaznavi had appointed Mohammad as the Crown Prince before passing away in March, 1030. But his other son; influential Masood staged a conspiracy by help of high ranking army officers and imprisoned his brother Mohammad and took his eyes out. Masood ascended the Ghaznavi throne in June 103... Read Full Article:

June, 23, 1037 A.D.:
Death of Avicenna

Avicenna passed away in Hamedan on 23. June, 1037 AD. Ibn Sina (Persian ابن سینا or ابو علی‌ سینا ; August c. 980 – June 1037), commonly known as Ibn Sīnā, or in Arabic writing Abū ʿAlī al-Ḥusayn ibn ʿAbd Allāh ibn Al-Hasan ibn Ali ibn Sīnā (Arabic أبو علي ال... Read Full Article:

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