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September, 11, 56 B.C.:
Mithridates III of Parthia Dethroned

Mithridates III of Parthia (Persian: مهرداد سوم) ruled the Parthian Empire c. 57–54 BC. On account of his cruelty, the tyrant king Mithridates III was dethroned by Mehestan, the Parthian parliament in 56 BC. Mithridates was a son of Phraates III, whom he murdered in 57 BC, with the assi... Read Full Article:

April, 28, 585 B.C.:
Solar Eclipse ends the Battle of Halys

The Battle of the Eclipse or Battle of Halys was fought between the Medes and the Lydians in the early 6th century BC. The result was a draw which led to both parties negotiating a peace treaty and ending a six-year war. According to Herodotus, the appearance of a solar eclipse at the time of battle... Read Full Article:

May, 30, 585 B.C.:
The Battle Of The Halys

Hoakhtar's latest recorded act is the battle of the Halys, fought against the Lydian king Alyattes the son of Sadyattes at Sardis. Alyattes had given refuge to a group of nomad Scythians who had betrayed Hoakhtar and fled after killing his son. Alyattes refused to give up the Scythians which started... Read Full Article:

September, 7, 610 B.C.:
The War Of Carrhae Episode I

Ashur Uballit 2 who claimed Assyrian kingdom entered an alliance with Egyptian Pharaoh at the price of Palestine and Syria and gathered forces in Carrhae to fight against Babylon. But they could not resist the allied Iran-Babylon forces and retreated to the west of Carrhae. According to an agreement... Read Full Article:

December, 14, 612 B.C.:
Iran-Akkad Alliance Conquers Nineveh

After the Assyrian king Sinshar Ishkun managed to escape to Nineveh, with the legendary fortune he had, he built city walls, fortresses, towers, etc and made the city defense much stronger than his lost city Assyria. The allied forces of Pulassar and Hoakhtar took the city under siege for months unt... Read Full Article:

August, 7, 614 B.C.:
Iranians Conquer Assyria

After Khashtrita's death in 625 B.C., his son Hoakhtar became king of Iran. Ashur Banipal of Assyria who had destroyed Elam died in 633 B.C and his son Etil Ilani was king for 4 years until Sinshum Lishir toppled him with the help of Nabo Pulassar, the Lydian king who became ruler of Babylon. Sins... Read Full Article:

June, 12, 625 B.C.:
Ecbatana Becomes Median Capital

The Median king Hoakhtar chose Ecbatana as the capital. Long after the Median empire was overthrown, Ecbatana remained one of three capitals of the Achaemenid empire. Hoakhtar's father, Phraortes started wars against Assyria, but was defeated and killed by Ashur Banipal, the king of Assyria. Hoakhta... Read Full Article:

March, 26, 628 B.C.:
Happy Zoroaster Birthday

Zoroaster is the most ancient prophet and the only one who rose from Arians. There are disputes on his year of birth; some believe he was born 6000 years B.C. but most agree on the same day, 6th of Farvardin as the day of his birth. He was the founder of Zoroastrian religion which progressed through... Read Full Article:

April, 17, 647 B.C.:
Assyrians Destroy Susa

The notorious army of Ashur Banipal captured Susa and razed it to ground. The Assyrians had built a very strong army that ruled over a vast area without any tolerance for other civilizations. Their source of wealth was plundering the weak and not let them regain power. They enslaved many nations inc... Read Full Article:

March, 21, 678 B.C.:
Khashtrita Founds Medes Kingdom

After the death of Phraortes, his son Khashtrita gathers many tribal leaders during Norooz celebrations and declares himself king of kings. This unity was formed because of constant attacks from Assyrians which none of the small nations could counter alone. It took Khashtrita 5 years to do necessary... Read Full Article:

October, 6, 69 B.C.:
Parthia Supports Tigranes Against Tigranes

Tigranes the great of Armenia was caught off guard during the battle of Tigranocerta when the Roman Lucullus bribed the guards. These infidel guards opened the city gates on Oct, 10, 69 B.C. thus Tigranes lost the battle. He reached Farhad 3 of Parthia for support against Romans but Farhad preferred... Read Full Article:

January, 27, 70 B.C.:
Farhad 3.Ascends The Throne

Farhad 3rd ascends the Parthian throne as the 17th ruler of the Parthian Dynasty. His reign lasted for about seven years. Farhad 3rd AKA Phraates III was the son of Sinatruces. He was somehow a cheater because of his coins were polished with gold dust, so that people from other countries considere... Read Full Article:

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