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April, 11, 80 B.C.:
Orodes The King Of Kings

The history of the Parthian kings are very obscure especially during this period but Ardoan I is mentioned as Shahanshah of the Arsacid dynasty in a report of lunar eclipse in April, 11, 80 B.C in Babylon. Although his rule that had started in 90 B.C. must have ended after ten years in 80 B.C. Part ... Read Full Article:

October, 24, 90 B.C.:
Execution Of Ambassador By Mehrdad 2

The Iranian ambassador to the Roman court Arorobazus was condemned to death by the court. After the Parthian king Mehrdad 2 approved the decree, the public execution took place in the Tisfun city square to depict the importance of Iranian dignity. Arorobazus had reportedly sat in a lower seat than h... Read Full Article:

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