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September, 26, 226 A.D.:
Beginning Of The Sassanid Dynasty

According to some historians, Sassanid dynasty begins on this date with Ardeshir I (226-241) when he enters Tisfun and ends with death of Yazdgerd 3 in 652. Sassan means keeper of the fire in Estakhr's Anahita temple. According to the legend, Sassan was a nobleman from Indian or Achaemenid descent... Read Full Article:

September, 26, 1618 A.D.:
Sarab Peace Treaty With Ottomans

Treaty of Sarab was a treaty between Ottoman Empire and Safavid Persia after the war of 1615 - 1618 signed on the Sep, 26, 1618. By the treaty of Isfahan in 1613, the Ottoman Empire had agreed to turn back Caucasus and Northwest Iran to Safavid Persia. Iranians on the other hand refused to pay an a... Read Full Article:

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