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May, 28, 879 A.D.:
Divdastian (Sajian) Uprising

Iran's independence from Caliph rulers did not come easy. Right after people understood that all slogans of brotherhood and justice shouted by Arab invaders were hoax and specially after the Abbasi dynasty drowned into corruption and tyranny, patriotic Iranians from all over the country staged upris... Read Full Article:

May, 28, 1604 A.D.:
Erivan Liberated

After liberation of Tabriz in 1603, Shah Abbas marched north to liberate rest of Greater Azarbaijan which was under Ottoman occupation since his grandfather Shah Ismail's defeat at the Battle of Chaldoran. The Ottoman chief Sharif Pasha evacuated the Nakhjevan Castle and gathered all of his forces... Read Full Article:

May, 28, 1830 A.D.:
Genocide of indigenous peoples: Indian Removal Act

The Indian Removal Act was signed into law on May 28, 1830, by United States President Andrew Jackson. The law authorized the president to negotiate with southern Native American tribes for their removal to federal territory west of the Mississippi River in exchange for white settlement of their anc... Read Full Article:

May, 28, 1879 A.D.:
Treaty of Gandamak: Creation of Afghanistan and the British Raj

The Treaty of Gandamak officially ended the first phase of the Second Anglo-Afghan War. Mohammad Yaqub Khan ceded various frontier areas to Britain while retaining full sovereignty over Afghanistan. It was signed on 26 May 1879 by King Mohammad Yaqub Khan of Afghanistan and Sir Louis Cavagnari of B... Read Full Article:

May, 28, 1901 A.D.:
The Infamous D'Arcy Agreement Signed

Mozaffaroddin Shah, Aminoddoleh and Moshiroddoleh were three genius Iranians who signed the famous D'Arcy agreement that recognized exclusive drilling, production and sales rights to William Knox D'Arcy for a period of 60 years. In return, Shah received £10,000. This agreement covered an area of 1,... Read Full Article:

May, 28, 1933 A.D.:
Majlis Ratifies New Oil Agreement

The attempt to revise the terms of the oil concession towards a fair basis for Iran led to long negotiations that took place between Abdolhossein Teimurtash and Anglo-Persian Oil Company officials from 1925 to 1932. The British government had injected new capital into the company in 1913 and acquire... Read Full Article:

May, 28, 2018 A.D.:
Return Persian antiquity to Iran, New York district attorney says

The dealer it was seized from knew it was stolen, a motion filed with the State’s supreme court alleges. The dealer categorically denies this Cristina Ruiz 28th May 2018 06:18 GMT *** Relief of a Persian soldier (around 5th century BC) Office of the New York district attorney The District Attorne... Read Full Article:

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