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January, 21, 451 A.D.:
Revolt In Armenia

The reign of Yazdgerd 2nd, the 16th king of the Sassanid Dynasty started with serious invasions by the Huns in Bactria. He successfully secured Bactria and turned towards west to show his Iron feast where unrest erupted in some territories under dispute with the Roman Empire, specially Armenia and C... Read Full Article:

January, 21, 1732 A.D.:
Russians Withdraw From Iranian Territories

According to an official note submitted to Iranian authorities in Rasht, the Russians nullified their 1724 agreement with Ottomans in which Iran was divided between the two states as a result of a turmoil at the end of the Safavi dynasty. An ambassador from the Russian court arrived in Mashhad on Ma... Read Full Article:

January, 21, 1965 A.D.:
Prime Minister Mansour Assassinated

On Jan, 21, 1965, Hasanali Mansour, the prime minister of the time was shot three times right after getting off his car in Baharestan square on his way to the parliament. He was reported dead four days later at the Pars hospital in Tehran. His term lasted for only 10 months and 14 days. His father a... Read Full Article:

January, 21, 1980 A.D.:
Iran Air Boeing 727 Crash

(Wikipedia) - On January 21, 1980, an Iran Air Boeing 727-86 was making a domestic flight from Mashhad Airport to Tehran Mehrabad Airport in Iran. At 19:11 local time, the aircraft, registered as EP-IRD, collided with the Alborz Mountains, 29 kilometers north of Tehran, during its approach to Tehran... Read Full Article:

January, 21, 1980 A.D.:
NFL Film Details Exchange Of Super Bowl Tapes With Iranian Hostages | ThePostGame

By: Jeffrey Eisenband 10h Alex Paen showed up at the U.S. Embassy gates in Tehran on the morning of Jan. 21, 1980. The Iranian guards, who called him, "Radio California," had been expecting him after arrangements were made several days earlier. Paen put the tapes in his main contact's hand, but he d... Read Full Article:

January, 21, 1981 A.D.:
American Hostages Released

After 444 days of captivity, American hostages were freed, only one day after Jimmy Carter's presidency term ended. The Iran Hostage Crisis began on November 4, 1979 when a group called Students in the Path of Imam stormed the US embassy in Tehran. Only nine months earlier, the US embassy had been... Read Full Article:

January, 21, 2000 A.D.:
Iran vs Asia All-Stars Soccer Game

(Wikipedia) - On January 21, 2000, the Iranian national football team played against an Asian all-star side, in an exhibition testimonial match for Iranian captain Nader Mohammadkhani. Iran's lucky striker Ali Daei was simply unstoppable having scored a hat trick. Asian all-star's best chances were ... Read Full Article:

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