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April, 13, 1960 A.D.:
Iran Gets First Fighter Jetplanes

Shortly after the Iraqi monarchy was overthrown in a military coup on July 14, 1958, the new government under General Abd al-Karim Qasim withdrew from the Baghdad Pact which was formed in 1955 by Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Turkey, and the United Kingdom. Thus without Iraq; the organization was renamed as... Read Full Article:

April, 13, 1962 A.D.:
Shah Meets Kennedy At White House

Mohammad Reza Shah met with President Kennedy at the white house on Apr, 13, 1962. Farah Diba, Shah's newly wed third wife accompanied him on this trip. On their arrival in US on Apr, 11, Kennedy welcomes him to the United States again. Since Shah's first trip in 1949, relations became stronger. Bot... Read Full Article:

April, 13, 2014 A.D.:
‘Isfahan is waiting to welcome Frye’

TEHRAN -- The people of Isfahan, academics, cultural figures, and nongovernmental organizations are all anxious to see that the late American Orientalist Richard Nelson Frye’s will for burial in the central Iranian city is executed, the Persian service of CHN stated on Saturday in an article enti... Read Full Article:

April, 13, 2015 A.D.:
Iran Suspends Pilgrimage Flights To Saudi Arabia Over Sexual Assault Allegations

By Avaneesh Pandey *** Members of Iran's revolutionary guards monitor an area at Tehran's Mehrabad airport September 19, 2011. Reuters/Morteza Nikoubazl The Iranian government on Monday suspended all pilgrimage flights to Saudi Arabia over allegations that Saudi security officials sexually abused t... Read Full Article:

April, 13, 2015 A.D.:
US loses to Iran in Wrestling World Cup final at Forum

Posted by Alexander Nguyen on April 12, 2015 *** The US loses to Iran for the fourth consecutive year. Photo courtesy of Freestyle Wrestling World Cup – LA Iran defeated the U.S., 5-3, Sunday at the Forum to win wrestling’s Freestyle World Cup for the fourth consecutive year. Iran clinched the m... Read Full Article:

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