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June, 7, 1896 A.D.:
Mozaffaroddin Mirza Enters Tehran

Following the assassination of Naseroddin Shah on May 1, 1896, Chaos broke loose as different factions sought to take power, and mobs rampaged in the streets. The police were unable to control them and the regular army could not be relied upon to do so. The Qajar Vezir, Aminossoltan gave the Cossack... Read Full Article:

June, 7, 1920 A.D.:
Red Revolution Committee Of Gilan Founded

After the Bolshevik revolution in Oct, 1917 and collapse of Czar Empire, some Iranians expected a friendlier attitude from the newly founded U.S.S.R., at least by annulling the imposed Turkmenchai Treaty. However, the Bolsheviks dreamt of expanding their bloody empire under the red flag. After bom... Read Full Article:

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