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Iranian handicrafts are handicraft works originating from Iran.

  • 1 Weaving
  • 2 Metal works
  • 3 Wood works
  • 4 Stone and Mosaic
  • 5 See also
  • 6 References

  • Carpet and Rug weaving
  • Ghalamkar
  • Iranian Termeh (weaving special table cloths)
  • Kilims
  • Persian embroidery (broderi dzi)
  • Zaridozi (decorating fabrics by sewing with golden stitches)
Metal works
  • Khatamkari
  • Minakari
  • Toreutics (Qalam-zani)
Wood works Stone and Mosaic
  • Ceramic and mosaic works
  • Sculpturing
  • Iranian Folkloric dress of Abyaneh

  • A sample of Iranian Khatamkari

  • A sample of Iranian Termeh

  • Persian metal Engraving (golden plate),depicting King Anushirvan

  • Persian Textile (The Golden Yarns of Zari - Brocade). Silk Brocade with Silver Thread (Golabetoon)

  • Persian Textile (The Golden Yarns of Zari - Brocade). Silk Brocade.

  • Persian Textile (The Golden Yarns of Zari - Brocade). Silk Brocade with Golden and Silver Thread (Golabetoon).

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