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تهران (فیلم)

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Tehran is a 1946 British-Italian thriller film co-directed by Giacomo Gentilomo and William Freshman. It stars Derek Farr as Pemberton Grant, a British intelligence officer who discovers a plot to assassinate the President of the United States Franklin D. Roosevelt at the Tehran Conference during the Second World War. It also featured Marta Labarr, Manning Whiley and Pamela Stirling. It was also released under the alternative titles Appointment in Persia and The Plot to Kill Roosevelt.

Partial cast
  • Derek Farr - Pemberton Grant
  • Marta Labarr - Natalie Trubetzin
  • Manning Whiley - Paul Sherek
  • Pamela Stirling - Haali
  • Philip Ridgeway - Mr Razed
  • John Warwick - Maor ''Mack'' MacIntyre
  • John Slater - Maor Sergei Soviesky
  • MacDonald Parke - Major Wellman

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