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Shirley Definition

- Robert Shirley : Sir Robert Shirley (c. 1581 - 13 July 1628) was an English traveler and adventurer, younger brother of Sir Anthony Shirley. (Wikipedia) - Shirley
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Shirley may refer to:

  • Shirley (name), either a given name or a surname
  • Shirley (Danish singer)
  • Shirley (Dutch singer)
PlacesUnited Kingdom
  • Shirley, Derbyshire, England
  • Shirley, Southampton, a district of Southampton, England
  • Shirley, London, in Croydon – formerly in Surrey
  • Shirley, West Midlands, England – formerly in Warwickshire
United StatesNew Zealand
  • Shirley, New Zealand, a suburb of Christchurch
  • Shirleys Bay in the Ottawa River, Ontario
Other uses
  • Shirley (novel), an 1849 novel by Charlotte Brontë
  • Shirley (album), a 1961 album by Shirley Bassey
  • Shirley (TV Series), a 1979 TV series
  • Shirley & Company, a 1970s disco group
  • Shirley''s World, a 1971 sitcom
  • Shirley Institute, a cotton and textile research centre in Manchester

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