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Searching or search may refer to:

  • Search engine technology, software for finding information
    • Web search engine, a service for finding information on the World Wide Web
    • Enterprise search, software or services for finding information within organizations
  • Search algorithm
  • Search and rescue
  • Search and seizure, a police procedure
  • Searching (horse) (1952–1973), racehorse
  • Searching, using a computer to find an item with specified properties (e.g. specified text) among a collection of items using a search algorithm
  • Search theory, an economic model applied to the study of unemployment, among other applications
  • Bayesian search theory, looking for a target
  • Search Games, looking for an evading target
  • Gay Search, British television presenter and gardening writer
  • Search (TV series), a television series
  • Search (band), a Malaysian rock band
  • "Searchin''", a 1957 song originally performed by The Coasters
  • "Searchin''" (CeCe Peniston song), a 1993 song by CeCe Peniston
  • "Searchin'' (I Gotta Find a Man)", a 1983 dance song by Hazell Dean
  • "Searching" (INXS song), a 1997 song by INXS
  • "Searching", a 2013 album by Jay Diggins
  • "Searching" (song), a 1995 1990s hip hop song by Pete Rock & CL Smooth
  • "Searching", a 1980 single by Change
  • "Searching", a 1990s song by China Black
  • "Searching" (Desperate Housewives), a 2011 TV episode of Desperate Housewives
  • "The Search", third episode of the 1965 Doctor Who serial The Space Museum
  • Study of Environmental Arctic Change, a research program
  • Society for Education Action and Research in Community Health, an organization founded by Abhay and Rani Bang

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