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pertaining to ancient or modern Rome (Wikipedia) - Roman
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A Roman or Romans is a thing or person of or from the city of Rome

Roman or Romans may also refer to:

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  • 4 Religion
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  • Ancient Rome (9th century BC – 5th century AD)
    • Roman Kingdom (753 BC to 509 BC)
    • Roman Republic (509 BC to 27 BC)
    • Roman Empire (27 BC to 476/1453 AD)
    • Roman Britain, part of the island of Great Britain controlled by the Roman Empire between AD 43 and about 410
    • Roman alphabet or Latin alphabet
    • Roman script or Latin script, the standard script of the English language and most of the languages of western and central Europe, Indonesia, Malay, and other areas once settled by European colonial empires
    • Roman architecture
    • Roman army
    • Roman calendar
    • Roman law, the legal system of both the Roman Republic and the Roman Empire
    • Roman mythology
    • Roman roads
  • Byzantine Empire (330/476/629 to 1453), a Late Antiquity and medieval continuation of the Greek-speaking portion of the Roman Empire
    • Romaioi (Ρωμαίοι), Greek-speaking, Orthodox population of the Eastern Roman Empire dating to Late Antiquity (the term translates literally to "Roman")
    • Romioi (Ρωμιοί), Greek-speaking, Orthodox population of the Rum-milet in the Ottoman Empire, or Greek-speaking Orthodox people today (the term translates literally to "Roman")
    • Romanae or the Greco-Romans from Aetolia Acarnania that speak Romanesci
  • Holy Roman Empire
  • Roman, Bulgaria, a town and a municipality in Vratsa Province
  • Roman, Eure, France, a commune
  • Roman Municipality, Bulgaria
  • Roman, Romania, a city in Neamţ county
  • Roman Valley, Nova Scotia
  • Romans, Ain, a town in France
  • Romans, Deux-Sèvres, France, a commune
  • Romans d''Isonzo, a town in Italy
  • Roman, Sakha Republic, Russia, a rural locality
  • Romans-sur-Isère, in the Drôme département of France
  • Saint Roman, Monaco
  • Roman (name), a given name, includes a list of people and fictional characters
  • Roman (surname), a list of people surnamed either Roman or Romans
  • Epistle to the Romans, a letter in the New Testament of the Christian Bible
  • Ar-Rum, the 30th book in the Qu''ran, sometimes translated as The Romans
  • Roman religion (disambiguation)
  • Roman catholic
Arts and entertainment Music
  • Romans (group), a Japanese pop group
  • Roman (album), by the Japanese musical group Sound Horizon
  • Roman (EP), by the South Korean boy band Teen Top
  • "Roman (My Dear Boy)", a song by the Japanese pop group Morning Musume
  • Roman (film), a 2006 American suspense-horror film
  • Romans (film), a 2012 Indian comedy
  • "The Romans" (Doctor Who), an episode of the BBC production Doctor Who
  • Roman (bidding system), a contract bridge bidding system
  • Romans, a race in the Heroscape Universe
Other uses
  • Roman type, an upright typeface style, contrasted to italic
  • Roman (vehicle manufacturer), a Romanian truck manufacturer
  • Roman candle (firework)
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