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Proxy is an agent or substitute authorized to act for another person or a document which authorizes the agent so to act, and may also be used in the following contexts:

  • Proxy abuse (or vicarious abuse), abuse committed on behalf of somebody else
  • Proxy bullying (or vicarious bullying), bullying committed on behalf of somebody else
  • Proxy card, a substitute card used in trading card games when a player does not own the substituted card and also can occur when proxy cards are not tradable
  • Proxy fight, attempting to influence how company shareholders use their proxy votes
  • Proxy marriage, common amongst European monarchs, where one party is not present in person to their marriage to the other
  • Proxy murder, a murder committed on behalf of somebody else
  • Proxy occupation, a military occupation by troops of country A, acting in the place of military troops of country B
  • Proxy statement, information published related to a U.S. stockholders'' meeting
  • Proxy voting, a vote cast on behalf of an absent person
  • Proxy war, a war where two powers use third parties as a substitute for fighting each other directly
  • Health care proxy, a document used to specify an agent to make medical decisions for a patient in case they are incapacitated
  • Torture by proxy
Technical Terms
  • Proxy (statistics), a measured variable used to infer the value of a variable of interest
  • Proxy (climate), a measured variable used to infer the value of a variable of interest in climate research
  • Proxy pattern, a software design pattern in computer programming, also known as a proxy class
  • Proxy server, a computer network service that allows clients to make indirect network connections to other network services
  • Proxy (band), British band formed in 2004
  • Proxies (band), British electronic rock band formed in 2010
  • Proxy, a mysterious humanoid lifeform in the anime Ergo Proxy
  • PROXY, a holodroid featured in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
  • Proxy, the codename of Wendy Harris, a fictional character in the Batgirl comic book series.
  • "The Proxy", a song by RJD2 on his 2003 album Deadringer
  • In Marble Hornets, a YouTube channel, Masky and Hoodie are two of Slenderman''s Proxies.
  • Proxy (film), a 2013 horror film by Zack Parker
  • "Proxy" the name of a fictional character in the 2012 horror film Smiley.
  • "Proxy" the stage name of electronic musician Evgeny Pozharnov.
  • "Proxy" is a term, specifically (but not limited to) in Slender: The Arrival, for a person who is influenced or controlled by the Slender Man.

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