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(Wikipedia) - Hakim This article is about the use of Hakim as a name. For the full article on its use as a title or honorific and the distinction between ḥākim and ḥakīm, see Hakim (title).

Hakim or Al-Hakim (commonly Arabic: حكيم ḥakīm‎ "wise" or Arabic: حاکم ḥākem‎ "ruler") is a male given name. Variant transliterations include Hakam (or Al-Hakam), Hakm (or Al-Hakm), Hakum (or Al-Hakum), Hakeem (or Al-Hakeem) and Hakem (or Al-Hakem) .

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People Title See also: Hakim (title)
  • Samir Geagea, known as al-Hakim, leader of the Lebanese Forces party
  • George Habash, known as al-Hakim, founder of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine
  • Hakim Noor-ud-Din
  • Hakim Abdul Aziz
  • Hakim Habibur Rahman
  • Hakim Mohammed Said
  • Hakim Syed Karam Husain
  • Hakim Syed Fazlur Rahman
  • Hakim Syed Zillur Rahman
  • Al-Hakim al-Tirmidhi (c. 755 – 869), Sunni jurist and traditionist of Khorasan
  • Al-Hakim bi-Amr Allah (985–1021), Fatimid caliph
  • Abu Abdullah al-Hakim Nishapuri (933–1012), Sunni scholar and traditionist of Khorasan
  • Abdel-Aziz al-Hakim (1953–2009), Iraqi cleric and politician
  • Sulayman ibn al-Hakam (died 1016), Umayyad caliph of Córdoba
  • Tawfiq al-Hakim (1898–1987), Egyptian dramatist, novelist and thinker
Given name
  • Al-Hakam I (died 822), Córdoban emir
  • Al-Hakam II (915–976), Umayyad caliph of Córdoba
  • Al-Hakam ibn Abi al-''As (c. 600), father of Umayyad caliph Marwan I and uncle of Uthman ibn Affan
  • Hakim (Egyptian singer) (born 1962), Egyptian singer
  • Hakim (Spanish singer) (born 1966), Moroccan-Spanish singer
  • Hakim Bey, pseudonym of Peter Lamborn Wilson (born 1945), American writer
  • Hakim ibn Hizam (fl. 600s), Meccan merchant
  • Hakeem Olajuwon (born 1963), Nigerian-American retired basketball player
  • Hakeem Noor-ud-Din (c. 1841 – 1914), Ahmadiyya leader and companion of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad
  • Hakim Rawther, Indian director and actor of Malayalam films
  • Hakeem Seriki (born 1979), American rapper better known as Chamillionaire
  • Hakim Toumi (born 1961), Algerian retired hammer thrower
  • Hakim Abol Qasim Ferdowsi Tusi (940–1020), Persian poet and author of the epic Shahnameh better known as Ferdowsi
  • Hakim Warrick (born 1982), American basketball player
  • Hakim Ali Zardari (1930–2011), Pakistani tribal leader and father of former President Asif Ali Zardari
Family name
  • Maximos II Hakim (c. 1689 – 1761), patriarch of the Melkite Greek Catholic Church from 1760 to 1761
  • Maximos V Hakim (1908–2001), patriarch of the Melkite Greek Catholic Church from 1967 to 2000
  • Naji Hakim (born 1955), the Lebanese-born composer and organist at the Église de la Sainte-Trinité, Paris
  • Peter Hakim, American economist of Lebanese descent
  • Omar Hakim (born 1959), American drummer
  • Nadey Hakim (born 1958), British surgeon
  • Imani Hakim, American actress
  • Yalda Hakim, Australian journalist
  • Nasser Hakim (born 1960), Lebanese-born Curaçaoan businessman and politician
  • Hakim family of Iraqi Shiite clerics:
    • Muhsin al-Hakim (1889–1970), the spiritual leader of the Shia world between 1955 and 1970
    • Muhammad Saeed al-Hakim (born 1936), Shiite cleric
    • Mohammad Baqir al-Hakim (1939–2003), Shiite cleric
    • Abdul Aziz al-Hakim (1953–2009), Shiite cleric and politician
    • Ammar al-Hakim (born 1971), Shiite cleric and politician
Places and things
  • Hakim Expressway, Tehran, Iran
  • Al Hakum, a former biological weapons facility in Iraq
  • Hakim Rifle, an Egyptian rifle
  • Hakim stout, a beer made in Ethiopia by Harar Brewery

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