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Greco Definition

Related to Greece such as:- Greco Persian Wars- Greco Roman Wrestling (Wikipedia) - Greco
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Greco may refer to:

  • greco-, a prefix used to refer to Greece
  • GRECO: Group of States Against Corruption
  • Greco (surname), a list of people with this surname
  • El Greco (1541–1614), a Greek-Spanish painter, sculptor and architect
  • El Greco (album), a composition by Vangelis
  • El Greco (wines), Estate wines made, with imported grapes, in Sonoma, California
  • Biographical films about the painter El Greco, produced in 1966 and 2007
  • Greco (Chrono Cross), a playable character from Chrono Cross
  • Greco guitars, a Japanese guitar manufacturer
  • Group of States Against Corruption, a structure of the Council of Europe
  • a Greek style one-piece swimsuit
  • Gioachino Greco 17th-century Italian chess player
  • Greco (district of Milan)
Wine and grapes

Greco is the name or synonym of several Italian wine grape varieties including:

    • Greco (grape), an Italian grape variety of ancient origins.
    • Afus Ali
    • Erbaluce
    • Fortana nera
    • Grechetto
    • Grecospicci
    • Maceratino
    • Malaga Rosie
    • Malvasia di Sardegna
    • Montonico di Rogliano
    • Pignoletto
    • Rovello bianco
    • Trebbiano
  • Vino Greco, a generic term for Roman wine made from grapes of Greek origins

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